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About this blog
With this blog, provided by my gracious host, Maestro, I hope to organize the resources available to anime and manga fans on the internet, using what I have found from my own searches. As this blog grows, and hopefully gains popularity, it is my hope that others will contribute their own findings to provide the ultimate downloading guide. But, that will be a while from now. =)

Regarding the links I will provide on this blog:
My provision of these links is simply so you can know where you can find anime/manga to download, which does not mean I suggest that everything on these sites is appropriate for downloading. There are licensed, as well as hentai, material on some of the sites to which I link.
To determine which titles are licensed, take a look at AnimeOnDVD’s and AnimeNewsNetwork’s lists of licensed titles. If a site hosts or links to hentai material (and usually, this is in the form of a torrent), I will try to provide a warning on the post pertaining that particular site.

Should you choose to use this blog, you agree that I am not responsible for what you do with these links and what happens outside of my blog. Also, I do not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information I provide. Of course, I will try my best, but I’m only human. ;-)

Note to licensing companies and site owners:
If you have any questions and/or complaints about the links I post, please contact me at kiwiish[[at]]animeblogger[[dot]]net.