So at some point I found this online puzzle called the Tim Tang Test (DON’T GO THERE!!) and now I spend countless hours of frustration trying to move from one level to the next… AND IT’S USING UP ALL MY ANIME-WATCHING TIME DAMMIT.


Due to my realization that there just isn’t enough hours in a day, I’ve dropped Dragonaut and Bamboo Blade. Dragonaut… well in the end it’s all about boobs, and I’m not a big fan of mecha anyway. Bamboo Blade… it’s not *that* exciting to watch.

On the other hand, I’ve been watching a drama called Galileo (thanks SARS Fansubs for all their work!) which is about a genius physicist and a rookie police detective and their adventures in solving ’supernatural’ mysteries. With all the supernatural-ness it sometimes has the mood of a horror film, but at the end when the mystery is solved with logic, it’s like OHHHHHH. And then tying in human emotions and its irrational nature, mmmmm. Loving it. Fukuyama Masaharu is not bad looking either ;) And I am really tickled by the expressions he makes as his character.

Well back to anime.

Was able to do some catching up today. Clannad is soo sad right now. And I love it. I hope it turns out~~ Kaiji is still good, despite the drawing style. The only thing that bugged me was when they were saying “うんぷてんぷ” (unputenpu - trusting to chance)… such an unpleasant-sounding word… *shudder*

Shion no Ou… sometimes the quality of the art lowers, but I’m enjoying the story and the shougi as well, even though I know nothing about shougi. It has the same kinda, how do you say it, intensity (? I’m stealing the word from the subs :P) as Go. And Hikaru no Go was so good.

I still follow Bleach and D.gray-man faithfully heh heh. Bleach looks like it’s picking up, and I wish D.gray-man would pick up faster. I mean, get your friggin arm back already. And why is his right hand so swollen-looking??

Haven’t touched the other shows yet… especially Minami-ke, my favourite from this season. I was waiting for a group other than Ayako to release, and for a while there it seemed like nobody else was continuing. I’m not pleased with Ayako’s little ‘prank’ in the intro. I want to keep these eps, and I’d rather not keep those kinda subs.

Ahh can’t wait til xmas break. Catch-up catch-up timeeee.

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