LINK TO IRC CHANNEL (#Fileserving @ irc.rizon.net)

DL method: IRC only

A|Distro is a distro bot. It distros most of the lastest anime releases, licenced or not. It seems that, since the last time I accessed this bot (which was at least a couple months ago), it has changed to concentrating on Naruto releases and also providing North American TV dramas on its bot.

This bot resides in the channel #Fileserving @ Rizon. Its pack list can be found either on the link above, or by typing “/msg A|Distro xdcc send #1″ (without the quotation marks). You must in the same channel as A|Distro and you must accept .txt files in order to receive the pack list.

While you are doing that, if you would like to donate to the owner of the bot or just want more info, you will probably find more up-to-date info by typing “/msg A|Distro xdcc list”.

Note: the fact that I wrote this post does not mean I encourage you to download the licenced anime or the TV dramas. Please read the disclaimer if you are confused.

UPDATE (Nov. 14/06): Currently, you cannot join #Fileserving without an invite. This has been for some time now. I don’t have access to the channel either, and I don’t know how to get an invite. Please be patient, and in the meanwhile, bAka-upload is a good bot ^^

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