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Another day in the world of kiwiish, exploring the wonders of the internet and bandwidth consumption (xD), I’ve found a blog with a very similar intent as mine! Well, his is much, much better than mine, since he posts regularly, has a consistent format, and, most importantly, has lots of goodies for you hungry leechers :P

I have not had a chance to fully explore ZMAng’s site yet, but from what I’ve seen, he offers you sources of anime including BT, DDL, FTP sites as well as XDCC bots. What impresses me is the time that he took to find out what sort of things you need to do before you can download from, say, a direct download forum.

For now, I won’t attempt to make any more comments. When I have some time (and I remember :P), I’ll be sure to fully explore this seemingly wonderful blog! Oh, how I love the internet :D

Speaking of blogs, I should add some some links to my blogroll… lol.

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