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DL method: IRC, Bittorrent, DDL

This group is not a fansub group, but a scanlation group. They are one of the groups who scanlated Ichigo 100%, though I didn’t read it. I did watch the anime, which wasn’t that great :\ The manga is probably much better, but I wouldn’t know, lol.

… Got off-topic, back to topic now. Their bot doesn’t have a lot, but it contains all their latest releases. They also distro via BT and HTTP. I ask that you avoid downloading via HTTP, because this method of distro costs a lot more than IRC or BT! That is why I am still debating whether to post about DDL sources…

*ahem* Back to topic (again). If you looking to download their older releases, simply check out their projects page, then find the title you are searching for. Usually, there will be a BT and/or HTTP link beside each chapter or volume, unless the title has been licensed or something.

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