DL method: Bittorrent only.

Heaven for anime fans =P Many titles can be found here, in completion. A while ago, they changed their policy to allow incomplete series to be posted. I guess the purpose was for long series, and people can post complete seasons on there. Complete series are marked with a “C”, though it doesn’t look much like a “C”, if you ask me. Multiaudio torrents are marked with an “M”. Usually, these are Japanese and English audio. You can always check by viewing the info on the torrent, or perhaps going through the comments pertaining to that torrent. Aside from anime, there’s also manga, OSTs, and live action stuff.

About registration on this site: you don’t have to register to download from Boxtorrents, but things like the search function and the ability to post comments will not be available to you. To look for stuff, you can still use the browse function.

This site can be overwhelming at first, so please look over their FAQ on the main site, as well as the forums. This thread might be useful: “Ultimate Box FAQ”.

There are also other guides to help you with downloading and viewing files in general, which could help you with downloading from other sites via BT. From the main site, go to Forums > FAQ/Guides, and browse through the stickies.

Warning: Hentai is present on this site. Consult the “Ultimate Box FAQ” (link above) if you are looking for this.

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