DL method: IRC only

Stumbled upon this today while I was looking to grab the latest release of Parfait Tic!!! (thank you ShoujoMagic!) (<3 Parfait Tic xD)

This xdcc bot offers releases from various groups, including MangaProject, ShoujoMagic, Manga-Koekje, SnoopyCool, Aku-Tenshi, AnimeWaves, Be With You Scans, Da Gurlz Translations, etc. etc. Let me just say, LOTS of groups :D

Anyway, just head over to the packlist to check out what this bot has exactly. It resides on the IRCHighway server, in various channels. Not sure if the bot is on any other server, but IRCHighway is your safest bet since that’s where most scanlation groups have their channels ;)

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