DL method: Bittorrent

I’ve started to really like this site lately, mainly because they tag their releases in Japanese AND my computer can read it (unlike when something is done in like Chinese Windows so then if you have English Windows it kinda cannot read the encoding >_>)

So the thing is, I use Winamp and they *finally* added in unicode support… well, this was a while ago, but now I’m in the process of retagging all my music… slowly but surely lol. Found this little program called TagScanner - pretty useful.

Anywayyy back to main topic - so they save me time because I don’t have to retag the files myself, and they also post the covers for every release, which is nice because I like cd scans :D Oh, and they also post the track list so you know what is on the single/album before you download it ^^ The only thing is that they only name the files by track number, and I like to have the track name in the filename as well… so that’s the only extra thing I have to do, but TagScanner does this pretty quick using the tags.

I usually check for their releases on Tokyo Toshokan.

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