Last Friends

Uh, finally finished this dorama. It took me a while to get to watching ep 4 and 5 (I think), and then there was a huge gap of time between 5 and 6. For some reason, I found myself avoiding it. Usually one reason would be the time commitment - one dorama ep is twice as long as a regular anime ep. And I’m the kinda person who has to watch the entire ep straight through, unless I have to pause because I’m interrupted. I dunno, I’ve been trying to figure out why I avoided it for so long. Was it too ‘real’? Too emotional?

Actually, just now I might have finally realized it - Nagasawa Masami’s constipated face.

It seems like she’s doing well in the acting business, but maybe this role was a flop for her. All of her facial expressions were so forced and unnatural. Not forced as in her character is trying to smile when she’s in pain, but forced as in she can’t act out her character properly. Even when she’s supposedly to be happily smiling, you look at her and feel uneasy.

At the same time though, I liked the bunch from Nodame so that was something I looked forward to. Nishikido Ryo was not too bad, because I hated watching him, and that means he played his character properly, right? lol.

But anyway, I finally got to watching ep 6 today (mostly due to procrastination) and then it was like bam! and I watched the next 4 eps as well lol. The only reason I didn’t watch the last ep straight away was because I hadn’t dled it (and somehow I was under the impression that there were only 10…). But now I’ve finished all of them. owari.

As usual, I never seem to be completely satisfied with the ending. It seemed kinda unreal that Sousuke would suddenly have an epiphany (?) like that and decide he was actually hurting Michiru. Umm yes he raped her. I’m sure that wasn’t the first time. And then she didn’t say anything profound as to turn on a lightbulb in his twisted mind. Well, I suppose the way she gave in this time could be somewhat of a turning point, but perhaps it is again due to Nagasawa’s incompetence in her role. I just didn’t buy that part.

And then at the very end, how Ruka and Michiru were able to reunite and live happily ever after… I think it would have been if they didn’t. I mean, in real life, things happen, you part ways, and then sometimes… that’s that. I dunno… *shrug* I suppose with a show such as this, you gotta have some sort of happy ending to satisfy (most of) the audience.

One more little issue - someone said on that Hikki’s song was overused, and I do agree. After a while, it’s like, ‘um… again?’

Well, I’m getting sleepy. I guess this is it for now. Not a bad show, not sure if I would rewatch. Right now I’m following Code Blue, which I look forward much more (haha). I can’t wait for the next ep.

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