LINK TO IRC CHANNEL (#losslessONE @ irc.rizon.net)

DL method: IRC, Bittorrent

I would first like to thank LosslessONE again for their Christmas gift ^^ It was a site with their releases in mp3 format, available for DDL. It was lovely. (And before you ask, no, that site is no longer up)

Anyway, LosslessONE is a group that releases mostly anime music and mainly in FLAC format. Hence, LosslessONE. However, apparently they’ve now got a bot with their releases in mp3 format. (I think these are really from another group… and somehow the two groups have affiliations..? Oh well.) I am equally grateful for it. Personally, I don’t have enough hard drive space to store my music in FLAC.

The thing I like about LosslessONE is that you can tell from the release’s file name whether there are scans included. With other music release groups, it’s not always clear.

Here are the bots available in their channel:
LonE|EnoL - the new release bot. LINK TO LonE|EnoL’S PACK LIST
LonE|Giant - the archive bot. LINK TO LonE|Giant’S PACK LIST
lolita - the mp3 bot. LINK TO lolita’S PACK LIST

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