Middle of Nowhere

While I’m at it, guess I should blab a bit.

School has been busy busy as always. Trying to cut back on the number of shows I’m watching. As always.

The winter season is almost over, I suppose? I wish I could say the same about the actual seasons.

Kaiji is nearing its end. At some point I started wondering how it could be 26 eps. But it seems like they somehow did it. I wonder how it will turn out.

Clannad is almost done too. I thought Nagisa’s story would be more dramatic. It was kinda anticlimactic. I’m hoping the ending will make me cry.

For some reason I lump Shigofumi, Spice and Wolf, and True Tears together. Probably because they came out at around the same time and have about the same number of eps, plus they’re alphabetically close to each other…

Shigofumi was kinda anticlimactic too, when they revealed the mystery behind Fumika being a ‘mailman’. Looking back, the thing that pulled me in was the girl from the first ep who killed her father. I was like, whoa, this is different. And I was wondering if it was gonna be episodic, but I was still interested to see more. Fumika is actually not that interesting, to be honest.

Spice and Wolf is cute. I’m not too interested in the whole business and trade stuff, but it’s fun watching the interaction between Lawrence and Horo. Well I guess mostly Horo’s personality. lol.

True Tears… well they could’ve done better with Noe’s character. They set her up in the beginning to give the impression of a blunt personality and a strong vision, but in the end she’s just a regular girl wanting to be loved, along with one or two strange hobbies. They tried to make her special and failed. Hiromi, on the other hand, is a more realistic character, although not necessarily likeable. I’ve warmed up to her though. Aiko… yea I don’t understand while she appears in the OP as if she’s a main character.

Now to brace myself for the new anime season… ‘picky’ is the keyword. Actually, it should be ‘try’ instead.

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