hey look my current ‘watch’ list is shorter! xD gradually becoming more able to let go, lol. making more time for dorama and baking. *cue yummy pic of cake* sadly i haven’t been documenting my baking adventures. i really should, so i can drool at the pics later and go, ohhhh i wanna eat that againnnn.


somehow, i seem to have developed an interest for shounen-ai. i believe it is thanks to junjou romantica, but my brain doesn’t seem to have room to remember minute details such as that anymore. so then of course i went to look for more. as we do with yummy food. oh human nature.

which landed me with sukisho, which has such a long ass name and for what reason. it wasn’t a random choice really, as i’ve sampled sukisho before, when it first aired. at that time, i had not grown up yet and was still like OMG i shouldn’t be watching this OMG they shouldn’t be on top of each other like that >< today i am able to appreciate it. lol.

sadly, in search of anime that truly interests me, sukisho doesn’t really capture my attention. i had watched the first 3 eps a while ago, and just watched the 4th. it seems to be the same silliness on repeat. maybe i prefer shounen-ai without the supernatural? hahaha. junjou romantica feels more down-to-earth, more slice of life. it’s like i could be one of those characters, having an experience like that… if i were a guy.

the only problem i have with junjou is that the brown haired guys all look the same to me.

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