Spring Season… ka.

I dunno if it’s just me, but it seems like there is a ridiculous amount of new fansubs this season. So far I’ve got around 10 new shows, but I’ve sampled way more than that. Some are prolly a few weeks back, but let’s try and count them xD

  1. Kanokon - prolly one of the first subs of the season? For those who get turned on by little boys being sexually assaulted I guess. I think I had more than enough with just the first ep.
  2. ToLoveRu - however you spell that. More nakedness and boobs and stuff. I might have been slightly amused, but seeing the flood of fansubs made me discard this quickly. Plus there’s Mnemosyne, which is similar enough I suppose.
  3. Bus Gamer - the characters are kinda ugly. Only that older-looking guy looked okay, and even then he’s not the type I’d go for in terms of bishies. It was kinda okay since it was nice and short, but the 3rd ep didn’t even really seem like an ending. It’s like they got lazy or sth.
  4. Chi’s Sweet Home - so cute xD and it’s like 2 min, so why not?
  5. xxxHOLiC Kei - watched to the first season, love the manga, so this was a no-brainer. I just wish they would animate it better. I know it’s sometimes hard when you have a manga to compare to, but Tsubasa turned out okay, right? I dunno… *sigh*
  6. Kurenai - I think this is one of the most promising this season. Character design is similar to that of Red Garden. Murasaki is really well done, imo. Most shows that I’ve sampled, most of the characters are easily forgettable. I love her hair, her facial expressions, and the voice matches quite well. Shinkurou is not as impressive, but I guess that’s supposed to be his character as well.
  7. Special A - my original intention was to follow this one, but after the 2nd ep I felt like the exact same things are just gonna repeat every ep. And the way the guy protects the girl is kinda awkward. His character is unnatural for some reason.
  8. Itazura na Kiss - a classic shoujo story. Art is slightly outdated, but sorta nostalgic lol. The only downer is that Irie-kun is not really a bishie. And Kin-chan is just… yea…
  9. Vampire Knight - my friend was pushing for me to read this manga. If only I had the time. Well now there’s the anime version. I do like vampire stories so I hope this continues in a good direction. Ooooooh Zero~
  10. Zettai Karen Children - no recollection of any strong impressions. the only thing I remember is that I did not really like the colours. and that ‘karen’ is written such that the kanji means ‘pitiful’ in chinese.
  11. Allison and Lillia - as of the third ep, it’s still on my list, but I’m not sure if I’m too interested in it. And who’s Lillia??
  12. Wagaya no Oinari-sama - more wolves huh. This seemed kinda boring.
  13. Kamen no Maid Guy - I wanted to stay away when I looked it up and saw the promo pics. But I was like, I’m doing all this sampling anyway, what the heck. Then I started watching it and did not last through the OP.
  14. Nabari no Ou - seemed kinda cool at first, but after the 2nd ep, the main guy’s apathetic personality made me just a little apathetic to the show. Again too repetitive.
  15. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki - this is absolutely stupid. No, really.
  16. Golgo 13 - the idea of a genius shooter is cool. Not too fond of the art style, but I’ll manage if the story is good. I just hope it’s not actually 50 eps.
  17. Penguin no Mondai - this was kinda stupid too. And the animation was so crude.
  18. Crystal Blaze - I just wanna see what the ‘cargo’ is exactly. Most of the main characters are kinda annoying. And that enemy woman was ugly.
  19. Amatsuki - It’s Paku Romi~~~!!! Prolly the main reason I’m gonna check out ep 2. Otherwise it’s not that impressive.
  20. Himitsu - the Revelation - I thought the brunette was a woman!! O_O I wonder if this would get episodic.
  21. Daughter of Twenty Faces - reminds me of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne somewhat. I think the way they introduced the girl was not that well done. She gave the impression of a snobby brat and not much more. They could’ve hinted more that she was being controlled and stuff, rather than just emphasize that she only exists to piss people off. Absolutely no foreshadowing is what I’m trying to say, I guess. Well now that she’s out of the house, we’ll see where ep 2 goes.
  22. Monochrome Factor - oooh shounen-ai huh. And I like those long ’silver’ hair types haha. Actual main character is nothing amazing, but I’ll watch it for Shirogane :P
  23. Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu - I’m not too into sci-fi, so I kinda knew I wouldn’t be too interested in this one. And I was right.
  24. Kaiba - kinda sci-fi too, but this one has Paku Romi xDDD I just love her voice. We’ll see how the story progresses in ep 2.
  25. Edit: Soul Eater - forgot about this one. At first I was interested in the way they animated the show to resemble somewhat like a video game, and the fighting was not bad either. Then, as I watched the 2nd ep, I lost interest again.

Besides these there are of course more shows that I did not bother to check out. *sigh* too manyyy.

Anyway… so before this big flood, there were still those shows from last season, or longer.

Kaiji… last ep was kinda meh, even though I don’t use the word ‘meh’.

Clannad… it’s so cute that the two of them finally got together. I don’t think I really cried, which is a bit disappointing, but I’m still happy about the confession and stuff. I also watched the Clannad Movie, which was a bit… different. Ending not bad either, I guess.

Finallyyy finished Zetsubou Sensei. That show is such a chore to watch, with all the writing on the blackboards and signs and stuff. Sometimes I wish the fansubbers didn’t translate all of the text so I wouldn’t specifically go back to read what it says. I thought about not watching Zoku Zetsubou, but somehow I got to watching the first ep of it… well let’s just say this show is so random you can’t help but not watch it… eventually. Though I gotta say I like the first season’s ep better.

Also got to watching Ghost Hound. I’m really amused by the dialect they speak xD It fits Tarou’s image, but it’s kinda weird hearing it from Makoto xD I’m not a science nerd, so I’m not *that* interested in all the scientific/psychological terms, but all that stuff about illusions and existence and stuff is something to think about. I’m just sad that I caught up before the last ep has been subbed. Now I have to wait.

Well it’s been lovely, but I’m gonna get back to watching Karei Naru Ichizoku (dorama). Didn’t think I’d like it that much, but it’s somehow drawn me in. I’m not archiving it though, unlike (almost?) all the other dorama that I’ve watched. Think I’ll be picking up Zettai Kareshi too. hehehe.

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