t3h m3di@ b10g

LINK TO NEW SITE (t3h r3s0urc3 b10g (tw0))

DL method: Direct Download.

*gasp* Direct download! I said I wouldn’t but I did :P

Anyway, I came upon this site while I was searching for lyrics (…Anna Tsuchiya’s “Ah Ah” I think?) and was like wow at the list of categories down the side. This blog’s mostly about the wonderfulness of Jpop, reviewing albums, PVs, and whatnot. The best thing is that you can get the actual media of what he reviews! He uses sites like Sendspace, Megaupload, etc. so the download links of old posts may not work, but it’s like a treasure chest of Jpop goodness if you stay current with the blog ^o^

The only bit I’m not too fond of is the looooong list of categories. I think that could use a bit of reorganization, but I should really speak for myself (been to the shortcuts page yet? :P)

Okee enough rambling, go check t3h m3di@ b10g out!

Update Jan. 22, 2007: Looks like t3h m3di@ b10g was shut down a while ago, and t3h r3s0urc3 b10g (tw0) is the rebirth. New link posted above.

Update Feb. 2007: WordPress shut down the 2nd blog as well…

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