So what is with this new show? As of right now, a search for ‘abyss’ on Tokyo Toshokan turns up like 5 different English fansubs for Tales of the Abyss. When the first sub came out, I looked it up on AniDB and wasn’t that impressed by the picture (which I stole - see above pic) nor the description. But then by the time Shinsen-subs came around with their subs, I was like, okay, *maybe* I’ll check out the first ep… You see, I’m really being disciplined this season and restricting myself from watching the first ep of everything that gets subbed, because well, if I do, it’ll be much harder to restrict myself from following like 10 shows. Again.

So anyway, it seems like this is gonna be *the* oversubbed (overrated?) show of the season. Might as well join in on the fun. Will report back after I get around to watching the first ep (lots of assns/interviews/midterms slapping me in the face ><)

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