Tokyo Toshokan


DL method: Bittorrent only.

Index of various types of media. Good site for those wanting non-English fansubs… not sure if there are non-English scanlations as well. Links to the trackers on which torrents are hosted are available (click on “details”). Comments sometimes provide useful info as to what the torrent contains, or the irc channel of the group who released the torrent.

The only thing I don’t like about tokyotosho is that since anybody can submit new torrents, the comments for each torrent are sometimes abused. Also, the torrent might not be categorized properly. The most common occurrence of this is in the non-English fansubs; they get categorized under “Anime” when they should be under “Non-English”. A possible fix would be to rename the anime category to “Anime (English)”.

Tokyotosho has an irc channel, but note that they do not host any torrents on their site nor their irc channel.

Warning: Hentai is present on this site. There is a purple label that says “Hentai” on the left of hentai torrents. There is also the category if you want to narrow the list to show only these torrents.

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